The Harmful Effects Of Water Pollution

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Water pollution is a terrible problem that happens every day all over the world.  This occurs when lakes, rivers, and oceans are polluted with chemicals, industrial waste, and other factors that ruin water sources.  Polluting the water sources occur for a number of different causes and reasons.

Sewage drainage is commonly leaked into natural water sources.  Many different sewer systems drained from cities and towns into rivers and lakes polluting these natural sources of water.  Sewage contains many different types of chemicals and toxins that leak into the water causing an extremely damaging effect to water.  The chemicals and toxins in this sewer water can cause different diseases to both animals and people.  This occurs when sewage is not treated properly or not treated at all. People can become extremely sick by ingesting or coming in contact with this polluted water.  Animals such as fish are killed from these toxins from this type of water pollutants.  By simply treating this sewage drainage, this type of water pollution can be completely avoided.

Many factories and other industries also allow their chemicals and toxic wastes to flow into natural water sources.  This can be extremely dangerous to fresh water resources and can be harmful to the population around these water sources.  In order to avoid correctly disposing of these chemicals and toxins, which may be expensive and sometimes hard to do, many industries just allow this waste to seep into water sources to get rid of the chemicals and toxins.  Another factor of polluting water is oil spilling into fresh water sources.  This occurs by negligence of companies who mine for oil in water.  These oil spills are extremely damaging to aquatic life and the environment around the water sources.  Not only are the actual water sources harmed by these pollutants, but areas surrounding the water sources are also extremely effected.  The oil and waste washes up to the shore causing massive amounts of damage to the environment.  By allowing waste to go into water sources animals, people, and the environment can be extremely affected in a negative way.

Another type of water pollution, and probably the worst and most common type, is trash and other debris being thrown in water sources.  Many people simply toss their garbage and other waste into rivers, streams, and lakes instead of going through the proper process to dispose of their trash.  This is an extremely large problem because this garbage piles up damaging the environmental aspects of water sources, and the life that lives in the water.  Animals can be poisoned and harmed in other ways, which causes death to these creatures.

Water pollution can be very devastating to water sources as well as the actual environment around these water sources.  Polluting water can be easily avoided by taking steps to correctly dispose of chemicals, toxins, and other wastes that are leaked into water sources.  Pollutants in water are extremely damaging to the environment and can be very harmful to our world as a whole.

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